Saturday, July 23, 2005

Today should be interesting, since every major expressway in and out of Atlanta is under construction. Georgia governor Sonny Perdue's Fast Forward construction program, coupled with tons of recent rainfall, have resulted in a situation where all major road work has landed on one weekend. We are being advised to take alternate routes and back roads "in general". To get a better idea of exactly how much construction is underway, click here for a saved link to the Georgia Navigator website diagram for today. Each little orange cone represents a construction project in progress.

If you have never been to Atlanta, this might be hard to visualize, but imagine over four million people lost all at the same time, at least half of them on cell phones, many new to the United States, and you'll get the idea. Driving in Atlanta is nothing like driving in a small Southern town -- quite the opposite, in fact. Recently, when I was in Memphis, a large city unto itself, I kept waiting for the traffic to get bad (in Atlanta terms) and for the drivers to become impatient (again, in Atlanta terms). It never happened, at least not while I was there. Now, Birmingham -- that might be another matter -- it looked confusing to me with no traffic, so I can only imagine.

Oh, well...the results should be worth it, as long as they don't mess up the interchange of GA 400 southbound onto I-85 -- that's my lifeline into the city. And look at it this way: if we ever have to chaffeur people around Tijuana, we'll be prepared!