"I would not like nights so bright you could not see the stars." -- Akira Kurosawa

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I grew up in a family of Southern storytellers. Back in 2004, I started Whole Bean to continue the tradition in a new medium. Over the years, I've written about families and friends, peculiar situations, extended road trips, recalcitrant home appliances, and many things for which I'm truly grateful. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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The Great Dust Cloud has made its way to Atlanta. This morning, as I drove Hannah to an orthodontist appointment, we saw the sun behind a haze that looked like those pictures you see of mornings in Cairo, a golden light bathing all those familiar buildings and transforming them in the process. The cloud apparently blew from the Sahara across the Atlantic, first making its U.S. landfall in Miami yesterday morning. I guess what we have here is only the residual cloud, but it is striking.