"I would not like nights so bright you could not see the stars." -- Akira Kurosawa

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I grew up in a family of Southern storytellers. Back in 2004, I started Whole Bean to continue the tradition in a new medium. Over the years, I've written about families and friends, peculiar situations, extended road trips, recalcitrant home appliances, and many things for which I'm truly grateful. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Do we live in the tropics? Two nights ago, I was out on my deck letting the dogs out for one last pee-pass, when it struck me that this place no longer looked, smelled, or felt like Atlanta. A stiff, incredibly humid breeze was blowing, and the deck was littered with pine needles, leaves, water bugs, and other delights. Frogs croaked down in the yard, crickets and cicadas called from high in the trees, and the place was just generally a mess. Just a month or so ago, we were smelling jasmine and magnolia. How long can this weather weirdness last? =:)