Friday, June 22, 2007

The Hot Food Eating Contest

A couple of weeks ago, my friends Tarun, Meenakshi and Vicki dropped over to my desk to ask whether I liked "spicy food". I answered a rousing "yes", having long been a fan of endorphin-elevating hot food, but not knowing that they were in fact pitting me in a contest against "Andrew"...they didn't say anything about the fact that Andrew was not American, but Indian-Malaysian. Ha!

So today we held the "contest" at Rasa Sayang in Roswell, but Andrew and I (and most everyone else at the table) thought the food was not truly hot, in our sense of the word. Nevertheless, I did eat one hot red pepper whole, which garnered me an increased level of respect from my Indian, Malaysian and (even) American friends. I now eat on a different level, I think.

Planning is underway for another Hot Food Eating Contest, this time to be held on July 13 at Thai Star in Norcross. There are some rice dishes there which can put a person in the hospital, regardless of his/her national origin. I'm ready. Stay tuned!