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Stop Picking on Giada!

Oh, for heaven's sake! Today, I saw an article in TV Guide entitled "Giada De Laurentiis: Is the Sexy Chef Too Hot for TV?" I'm over it! Someone is always complaining that Giada has "a big head" or "too many teeth" or some other nonsense. Will everyone just leave this poor (OK, not literally poor) woman alone?

If you don't know the background, some reader apparently sent TV Guide a letter a few weeks ago complaining about the outfits that Giada wears on her Food Network cooking show Everyday Italian. The magazine was instantly flooded with responses both positive and negative. All the while, most people are probably unaware that if you actually try cooking some of Giada's recipes, they're outstanding. Anything she makes with cranberries, for example, is definitely worth a try.

Sure, I have my three DVD set of Everyday Italian. I think it's a nice show, and yes, I like the hostess -- she is cute, polished, and energetic and she usually appears to be having a good time. She is undoubtedly my favorite TV female. The only thing I would suggest is that Food Network find the male equivalent of Giada for the ladies in the viewing audience. Let's face it -- Mario Batali can whip up a great Orecchiette with Italian Sausage, but he's not quite as easy on the eye as GDL. And Emeril, well, he's Emeril. BAM! Where is the ruggedly handsome guy who throws some stuff on the grill and makes it turn into magic? I'll bet the ladies would like that.

My vote goes to Giada. You go, girl. You're only young once, and you might as well make the most of it. Ciao!