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I grew up in a family of Southern storytellers. Back in 2004, I started Whole Bean to continue the tradition in a new medium. Over the years, I've written about families and friends, peculiar situations, extended road trips, recalcitrant home appliances, and many things for which I'm truly grateful. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to John(')s Creek

The residents of my community yesterday voted 2:1 in favor of incorporating ourselves into a new city to be named Johns Creek. Johns Creek wishes to pull itself out of the "clutches" of Fulton County, Georgia, home to the city of Atlanta and a few other sizeable towns. On the surface, this might appear to be a good idea. However, I do not and did not support this change. Here's why:

1. The name is messed up already. Why is there no apostrophe in Johns Creek? Was the creek named after someone named "Johns"? Shouldn't it be John's Creek?

2. Most of the people who supported this are wildly and unquestioningly conservative. I am not.

3. Fire and police protection, among other municipal services, must be started FROM SCRATCH. Yet, there will be no new taxes, at least for two years. Where have we heard this before? I can't wait to see what the taxes will be like in the third year.

4. Our area had the opportunity to vote for inclusion into the city of Roswell, which was recently rated the #3 place in the United States in which to live by Frommer's.

But who am I to judge? I'm in John(')s Creek for now. No new taxes. Yeah, right.