Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ordinary Wednesday Chronicle

8:59 AM – …according to the PC clock, that is. Weaved through traffic at Old Alabama and 141 to get here, waved hello to Keiko and Nazima, then sat down to boot up and read email. Nice to see congratulations from Xavier…and yes, I can time the swim meet tomorrow…what happened to John, anyway? I still see his name on the list, but I’ll fill in. Heard Jeremy laugh across the floor…I’d better go make the rounds.

9:55 AM – Just had an unusual conversation with Jean about living wills, trusts, inherited property, and how my uncle was originally buried in the wrong row of the cemetery. Wonder how this day will work out?!

10:20 AM – Waiting for a query to run, so stopped the hosting, checked domain registration.

10:49 AM – One downside of following standards is that they often don’t work. I cannot get the Logistics website home page to display properly, and no one is returning emails about it. Oy, veh! We make life so complicated for ourselves! I should never have attempted to follow the “Corporate Style Guide”! (If I’d followed standards, Whole Bean would never have been published.)

10:55 AM – To hell with it…I’m going to sync my Palm Pilot.

1:30 PM – Yes! My latest database request was completed in record time! Did a Chick-fil-A deluxe sandwich for lunch – oops, there went my Weight Watchers plan out the door. That must be 24 points right there.

1:56 PM – Off to a status meeting on the May Transition project. It’s always held in the cafeteria (oy, veh).

3:37 PM – Trying yet another iteration of the application which will not respond in under five minutes. Hope this time’s a charm. Sent a quick email off to Julie to see what’s up at Harvard. What I’d give for some chocolate about now.

3:43 PM – What is with this White Stripes band? I put the “Elephant” CD on my iPod, and it is SO weird. And the query is still timing out. Ugh!

5:25 PM – Completed weekly status, got query working (with MOD function), drank lots of water. Heading home. Wonder how much traffic is on 141? Am I going to have to cut through the Target parking lot to make a left? I'm thinking so.