Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's a bright, beautiful morning in Asheville, North Carolina. SpringHill Suites has internet access, and I seem to have found a choice time to post an entry. A crowd of Girl Scouts has taken over the cafe area, but not so much that I could not enjoy a light breakfast. Their endless chatter reminds me of those days when our girls were just getting their feet wet in the social graces...a sweet time, a good time to remember.

Yesterday was our first trip to the Biltmore Estate in the evening, and the first time that we've ever taken a "candlelight" tour. The mansion was as awesome of proportion and beauty as I ever remember seeing it, perhaps even more so. Additional areas on the third and fourth floors have been renovated and opened since I last visited here, some six years ago.

Today we're off to see our good friends the Ivorys, who recently moved from Atlanta to Johnson City, Tennessee. We understand that all is going well with them, but we miss them ferociously, plus I never pass up an opportunity to re-enter Tennessee, the land of my upbringing (yes, that's the state you can blame). I'm looking out the window, and I don't see any snow, so I think we can make it up over the mountains to their new abode.

Take care, and have a wonderful weekend... =:)