Thursday, November 10, 2005

We're having that weird fall weather again. Almost every year, generally in late October or early November, we have this extremely warm weather in Atlanta that descends on us and makes us generally ill at ease, ill of body, or some combination of both. The reason we become ill is that many of us have moved here from colder climates where this does not happen, and our systems respond negatively to the infusion of 80 degree temperatures when there are leaves all over the ground (although the smell of warm leaves is not bad). It makes for some beautiful days, and some dastardly sinus issues.

Last night, I had an enlightening experience with 5.1 surround sound. I somehow lost the signal on the center speaker a few weeks ago, and only last night did I realize that I have not been able to hear what the people on TV were saying. (I have some hearing loss, so I didn't think much of it.) It finally dawned on me that the center speaker carries the frequencies most often used in human speech patterns. I was listening to the Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported DVD, which should have been aurally perfect, but the highs were off. Anyway, after a complete reset of my "audiophile" receiver and some dangerous tweaking of exposed wires, the center signal was back, and I persuaded Dave to sing a few more tunes with his critical frequencies restored. that's how it's supposed to sound.