"I would not like nights so bright you could not see the stars." -- Akira Kurosawa

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I grew up in a family of Southern storytellers. Back in 2004, I started Whole Bean to continue the tradition in a new medium. Over the years, I've written about families and friends, peculiar situations, extended road trips, recalcitrant home appliances, and many things for which I'm truly grateful. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Another dream of the Charlotte house. This must be about the tenth that I've had. Background: In 1993, we were transferred to Charlotte, North Carolina, where we built a new house (almost exactly) to our specifications. We had lived in the house for only 17 months when the news came that our company had been bought by an Atlanta firm, and by the end of that summer, we had moved back to Atlanta.

In many dreams, I have seen the house in different permutations, but generally there is a theme: the house has two distinct sides, and we have only lived in one of them. Last night's dream was no exception -- I ventured down a hallway and found a whole other side of the house that we had forgotten even existed. Three kitchens, and a group of refugee children living in one big upstairs room on "the other side". Who knows what it means?