Sunday, September 5, 2004

Over the Labor Day weekend, we got high-definition TV (HDTV) installed in our downstairs media room, and I am still sitting here staring in childlike awe at the clarity of the pictures. Earlier today, we were watching a show about various kinds of salt-water fish, and it looked as if you were standing with your face pressed to the window at the Shedd Aquarium. Actually, it looked more like you were swimming in the tank with the fish, wearing a very good pair of glasses with an up-to-date prescription.

Two stations, INHD and INHD2, provide HDTV-only programming, and the major networks broadcast many of their prime time programs such as ER, JAG, and NCIS in HDTV as well. If you'd like to find out more about this technology, there is an excellent background article at

I'm going to go sit back in front of the TV and resume the position. Have fun!