Saturday, April 3, 2004

Greetings from what appears to be spring (just a few degrees colder than normal). After a period of intense reflection, I have come to the conclusion that absolutely everything in the USA is changing. Italy is looking better and better. (I wonder if they take credit cards for down payments on Tuscan villas?) So what if they've changed their government over fifty times since World War II? As long as you can still get fresh baked bread, tasty local red wine, and good pasta, who cares?

Here's my solution to our current mess: OUTSOURCE THE WAR IN IRAQ. You may laugh, but just think of the possibilities and all the issues which might be resolved by this one simple action. There's work to be done and people willing to do it, so let's keep our options open.

In other news...I have a daughter who is heading to college in the fall! She's extremely happy that Georgia Tech (her alma mater-to-be) is in the Final Four. More news on this college experience as it develops.

Ciao! =:)